Barleygarden Kitchen & Craft Bar

From the team behind the celebrated Hop City Craft Beer & Wine, Barleygarden Kitchen & Craft Bar brings craft beer and chef-driven cuisine to Alpharetta, GA’s booming Avalon development. With 64 rotating bar choices, Executive Chef Dave Leskie designed the menu with portability and pairings in mind. Locally-sourced dishes featuring meats from his butcher shop, The Spotted Trotter are available at the outdoor beer garden and a to-go window allows thirsty guests to enjoy Avalon’s open-container option. Europe’s best brews are available at the open-air rooftop bar specializing in Belgian, German, English and other European favorites, all with a view of Avalon.


Check out our Q&A with owner Kraig Torres below!

  1. Where did the concept originate?
    I view Barleygarden as a natural progression of the fine work we do at Hop City...that is sharing our passion for craft beer and fine wine with everyone that will listen. We have always felt that beer, in particular, is great on its own but is even better when paired with food. Barleygarden is our way to contribute to the food side of this equation. We want to create a destination for the beer enthusiast that is warm and casual but also not intimidating to folks that have not yet made the beer plunge.

  2. Why did you choose to open a location at Avalon?
    We feel the northern Atlanta suburbs have been overlooked, to some degree, by the incredible growth in craft beer the past couple of years. Yes, there are a couple great places to eat and drink already in Alpharetta, but we are excited about creating a destination for those ready to wade in beer movement. Plus - Avalon - am I right? So much to do and see already. I love the idea of joining what I think of as a "best of" group of retailers and restaurateurs - it's an honor that Avalon will have us.

  3. Will there be any dishes or drinks specific only to the location at Avalon? If so, what are they?
    Yes! Since this is our one and only restaurant, it is safe to say that all of the food is specific to Avalon at this point. In particular I am really excited about our Brat Burger - it looks like a burger but tastes like the best bratwurst you've ever had. Kevin Ouzts of the Spotted Trotter has really gone above and beyond in creating a menu of gourmet hand-held foods. On the drink side, look for a constantly rotating draft list featuring plenty of rare beers. Liz Cope, our cocktail expert, will also have a rotating list of specialty cocktails that will be exclusive to Avalon as well.

  4. What types of food will be served at Barleygarden?
    Our specialty will be hand-held sandwiches and fresh salads. Look for lots of finger foods too, like fries, hummus, and a spectacular pretzel. Doesn't every great beer garden need a killer pretzel?

  5. Who will serve as the head chef?
    Kevin Ouzts will be overseeing our food program but we do not envision him working the grille anytime soon. Our goal is to identify young, local, talented foodies that we can groom into the "head chefs" of the future.

  6. What will be the overall atmosphere of Barleygarden?
    At the beginning and end of the day, we are a beer bar. There will probably be two very distinct experiences when visiting Barleygarden. Downstairs is our "Hop City"-style bar, with 64 constantly rotating taps. You'll find your local favorites and fun, weird beers that you will be glad you tried once we talk you into them. Upstairs, with the great view of Avalon, you'll find 24 taps devoted to the best of European beers. This list will not rotate as often, allowing you to explore the classic German, Belgian, and English styles while enjoying the fresh air. Both experiences will be fun and casual - we are not about fine dining as much as having a good time.

  7. What is the Barleygarden Kitchen & Craft Bar team most excited about in joining Avalon?
    We really like our neighbors! Bocado Burger, El Felix, Brine Seafood Shack, Tesla...the list goes on! If you can't find a place to eat, somewhere to shop, or something to do at Avalon then you probably went to the wrong address. Once you do make it, you'll have a blast...come by and see us!

  8. Any fun facts?
    Maybe the coolest thing about Avalon is the fact that you can take your beer from Barleygarden anywhere on the property (please see individual retailers store policies about drinks - I'm sure some of the furniture places frown on open containers). Picture dropping off the kids at the movies, then grabbing dinner and a beer at Barleygarden, then window shopping as you finish your cocktail. Fun right? We can't wait.



Monday - Wednesday: 11AM to 10PM

Thursday - Saturday: 11AM to 12AM

Sunday: 12:30PM to 10PM

900 Avalon Boulevard


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