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The safety and health of the community is our first priority. Given the circumstances around the recent coronavirus outbreak, we’ve taken precautionary measures to help keep our guests, employees and residents safe. While we are currently open and operating, we’re closely monitoring the situation and will continue to communicate with local health officials to determine the best course of action.

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For a list of safety precautions, please click here.

Experience Avalon

Experience Avalon
High Country Outfitters – Now Open
Drive-In Live


Drive-In Live at Avalon
Jun 26, June 26, 6/26

Friday, July 10Get ready to experience our drive-in live concert series along the Boulevard

Ladies Night Out
Jul 16, July 16, 7/16

Thursday, July 16thGrab the gals and get your summer style shopping on, Ladies Night Out is back

Heart and Sole 5K
Aug 8, August 8, 8/8

Saturday, August 8Walk, run, or catch a ride in a stroller to the finish line at the annual Heart and Sole 5K benefitting The Lionheart School

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High Country Outfitters

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