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Safety Precautions

We are committed to providing a safe and responsible environment to our guests and Avalon community. This page will be updated as further precautionary measures are put into effect.

Warning: Under Georgia law, there is no liability for an injury or death of an individual entering these premises if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of contracting COVID-19. You are assuming this risk by entering these premises.


The following measures are being implemented to ensure your safety while on property:

  • Our 24/7 security are policing the property to ensure guests follow the property’s Code of Conduct. Law enforcement will also be on site to provide support.
  • Complimentary face coverings and hand sanitizer are available at Concierge upon request. The wearing of face coverings while on property is strongly encouraged.
  • The sidewalks have been turned into one-way streets for pedestrians, with directional decals guiding guests counterclockwise through the property.
  • Floor decals provide guidance on how far guests should stand from each other while waiting in line throughout common areas.
  • All property employees have been asked to monitor their health and temperature daily. They have also been provided with protective face coverings and gloves.
  • We are working closely with tenants to provide resources such as free cleanings of touchpoints (i.e. door handles, point of sale systems) and storage for furniture that may need to be removed to allow for social distancing within stores/restaurants.
  • Furniture in common spaces throughout the property has been spaced out with marked placers to ensure 6 feet of separation between parties.
  • Dividers have been installed at standing bars throughout the property. 
  • The doors to our Family Lounge are propped open during property hours.
  • The Dog Park’s gates will feature new foot door openers. 
  • Cleaning and sterilization of high-touch areas, such as bathrooms, bar surfaces, door handles and benches, takes place every 30 minutes.
  • New signage has been installed throughout the property reinforcing safety procedures and the Code of Conduct. Touchscreen digital directories are now static.
  • New hand sanitizer stations have been installed at all property entrance points, the valet, Concierge and in high-traffic common areas.
  • Valeted cars will be sanitized.


Holidays at Avalon

The following measures are being implemented, specific to Avalon on Ice, to ensure your safety:

  • All guests entering Avalon on Ice are required to wear a proper face mask both on the ice rink and in skate change areas.
  • Avalon on Ice will be limited to 50 skaters at a time.
  • Avalon on Ice guests will purchase their admission tickets online from home, or via QR-code from their smartphone prior to entering.
  • Guests are encouraged to practice social distancing on and off the ice rink.
  • There will be one designated entrance and one designated exit to Avalon on Ice to minimize cross-traffic of skaters.
  • Benches for skaters will be arranged to allow for 6-feet of social distancing between individuals, couples, and family members.
  • Hand sanitizer stands will be located throughout Avalon on Ice for guests use.
  • All service counter areas and primary touchpoints will be regularly disinfected by spray disinfectant and wiped with clean towels at a minimum of every hour during operation.
  • Disinfectant will be applied to each skate exterior and interior by an Avalon on Ice attendant at the skate rental counter upon the hand out of each and every ice skate rental.

The following measures are being implemented, specific to Santa at Avalon, to ensure your safety:

  • Temperature checks and all hands are sanitized before permitted to visit with Santa.
  • Touchpoints at Santa House are sanitized between every appointment.
  • Limiting visits to 5 per hour to accommodate for enhanced cleaning procedures between visits; Santa House closed for an hour each day for deep cleaning.
  • No physical interaction with Santa, visitors will remain six feet apart from Santa at all times.
  • All payments will be pre-paid to ensure a contactless checkout experience.
  • One – way traffic flow for arrival and departure of open-air section of the house.
  • Gloves worn by Santa’s helpers will be replaced after each appointment.
  • Visitors required to wear masks at all times during Santa visit; only permitted to remove masks when “saying cheese” for the photo. (Masks not required for children 2 & under).


For questions or concerns please contact Avalon Security at 770-765-3000.

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