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Biltong Bar

Cost $$$

Monday - Saturday
11:30AM to 10PM

11:30AM to 8PM

What is “biltong”, you ask? Biltong is a traditional South African snack, something you’d find natives eating out of a paper bag while strolling the streets. It’s the South African version of beef jerky – all natural, air-dried, packed with protein and cut from the best meat. Whether it’s beef, ostrich, venison or elk, served by the slab or fresh sliced, it’s preservative free, dried right here in Atlanta and is easily enjoyed on its own or on top of some of your favorite snacks.

Biltong Bar is the first restaurant of its kind in the world, a South African gastropub specializing in street food. Biltong Bar features all-natural, dry, aged beef jerky, otherwise known as biltong, in addition to a rotating food menu focusing on both large and small plates. The restaurant boasts a signature craft cocktail program as well as a distinctive selection of craft beers and wines from biodynamic vineyards. In addition to enjoying its beef jerky and booze, guests can also purchase South African spices, rubs and house-made sauces at all locations.

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