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Open Today Until 7 PM

Brooks Brothers

7110 Avalon Boulevard


Monday – Saturday
10AM to 9PM

12PM to 6PM

Brooks Brothers has defined American style for generations. Today, it remains at the forefront of clothing innovation, with collections of dress and casual wear for men, women and children, and many items still proudly crafted in the USA. Brooks is the definitive source for suiting, formalwear and Made to Measure. You’ll also find something suited to the everyday — career to casual and day to night. The women’s collection, under creative director Zac Posen, continues to impress with its chic blend of classic and modern. Brooks Brothers — The Original American Brand™.

Need a custom shirt or suit? Brooks Brothers can help! With Made to Measure, their suiting experts will help you choose from an assorted and exclusive collection of fabrics. Simply call the store to set up your appointment.

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