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Club Pilates

7160 Avalon Way


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6AM to 8PM

Club Pilates Avalon is in the heart of your community! We offer Reformer-based group classes with a modern approach to classical methods, at a price that makes Pilates attainable. People across the nation are transforming their bodies and lives through energizing, fun, low-impact Club Pilates workouts, seven days a week!

The low-impact, full-body workout that Pilates provides builds core strength, mind-body connection, more flexibility, & better coordination. You’ll be able to enjoy the things you love longer with a regular Pilates practice keeping your body balanced and strong.

Our beautiful, state-of-the-art studio features Balanced Body Reformers, Bosu balls, TRX, EXO-Chairs, barres, weights, mats, and springboards. A variety of classes offered at convenient times makes Pilates work for anyone. Experienced and looking to elevate your practice? Try Private Training!

Whether you’re just curious about Pilates or an experienced athlete looking to cross-train, call us today to book your free intro class and see why we believe that when you Do Pilates, you Do Life.




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